YinTAO - Door into Life

A Special Event with Healing and Moving Pictures

to promote a natural, healthy, loving  
and nurturing sexuality without violence and abuse.

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The Mysterie of femininity

This lecture and Picture-Show wants to promote a new and different view from "down there", free of shame, guilt and prejudice. When women begin, to look at themself, look at their vulvas, and like what they see, they will be able to live a more healthy, sensual and concious life and this will express itself in their sexuality.

Knowing that their anatomy is all natural and beautiful and that no labia, no clitoris, no vagina is too big or to small. They are just as nature intended them to be. None looks like any other
- Ask me, I have seen many. 
Come and have a look for yourself...

We need to find new names, regain a positive view and experience our original feminine force that moves us and is coming directly from our sexual organs, from our belly, from our uterus. 

The first part of the evening introduces the practices for women from the Universal Healing Tao system. These simple exercises teach us a more concious relationship with our body and sexuality. Harvesting the strength and creativity that flows from our sexual organs, we enhance health and wellbeing.

With the simple Taoist practices we discover new tools to transform trauma, pain and old patterns into life force (Qi) and vitality. Regaining new strength, we can choose to walk a new road, so not only we, but also our daughters and granddaughters can live in loving relationships without violence and abuse.

But this harmony can only be found if we gain a balance between yin and yang, between women and men. With mutual respect and compassion for each other.

For this reason I also like to invite men to this special presentation.

After the lecture the evening closes with the Vulva-Wonder-Show:
For 30 minutes you will dive into a vulva-world as part of a multi-media presentation.

The birth of "the Vulva-Wonder"

I was completly inspired when I first saw the Vagina Monologues back in January 2000 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There I met Eve Ensler, who created this piece by going around and asking women: "What would your vagina say, if she could talk?"

The vagina monologes still tour the world, moving women and men on all continents. A movement has grown out of it, that works to avoid violence against girls and women (www.vday.org).

Deeply moved, I left the theater and that night I wrote my first vagina-vulva-poem. In the following years I kept reading parts of the vagina monologues in my Taoist womens classes. The flood of stories and feelings that come out of each vagina, when you start asking, is always a great inspiraton. It is also a motivation to further the process of self love, self-conciousness and self healing, which we support with our QiGong practices and meditations.

Submerged in this process, I started taking pictures, first of girlfriends and myself and later of more and more vulva-concious women...

In the last 15 years I have photographed many vulvas and placed them in nature, a setting that at first most women find, more appealing than their own body. Then slowly, the eye and the mind start to acknowledge that it is OK to look at a vulva and to discover its beauty. Noticing that each is different and all are intriguingly wonder-full, I used flowers, canyons, stones, woods, butterflies, waves, caves, rivers, fruits. You name it, I used it.

Women who first thought vulvas were ugly, begin to see them in a different light, getting a new and positive view. It is precious to see the sense of wonder on the faces of the audience after each presentation.

I am constantly inspired, creating new pictures and I consider myself defenitly "sucked down the vagina trail" or better road... Tao means the way...so here I am on the way...

Having received wonderful feedback for the previous shows,
the Vulva Wonder Show keeps traveling and is in the steady process
of transformation and Renu-ing!

Come see! Enjoy the "Vulva Wonder"

If you like to re-discover yourself with this one in a kind foto-session,
you can write to Renu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Link to the Webpage of the V-Day-Organisation