YinTAO for women

is a programm  just for women 
created by Renu Li

Guiding each women to rediscover her true nature and sexuality, while blossoming into a radiant, healthy and self confident being. 

In more then 30 years of practice and teaching the old taoist exercises and practices to women, Renu has developed a unique, simple and playful way to support woman on their lifes journey to health and wellbeing, grounded in more self-love and self-trust.

Using the old taoist techniques with a more feminine approach, we cultivate the Yin, respecting our special needs as women, learning to listen to our bodies and opening again our capacity to truly feel. A wonderful journey of discovery and healing.

Renu's teachings are filled with creativity, gentleness and joy to awaken the inherent wisdom in every woman to find again wholeness, health and the ability to determine clear boundaries and limits. Her aim is to light the spark in every woman for self love and a natural sexuality that nurtures and heals.

To support her work she started in 1999 to create what she lovingly calls the Vulva-Wonder-Show, moving pictures which bring women in contact with their body, their organs, their sexuality and inherent beauty.

A project that is still growing and touching every time one looks at the beautiful women in this show. If you want to have your pictures taken as part of starting to like and love yourself you can contact Renu to make a date for a photo-session.

YinTao Workshops that are offered are:


This workshop is usually taught several times during the year either with Renu Li teaching or with other authorized YinTao-teachers (see Faculty)

You will learn

  • simple Warm up QiGong - and Breathing Exercises
  • using the Bamboo Brush to enhance your metabolism
  • the Inner Smile and Breast Massage
  • the Ovarian & Womb Breathing
  • to use, strengthen and relax your pelvic floor 
  • Opening your Energy Centers
  • Circulating Qi in the small heavenly cycle 
  • how to use the energy egg
  • to recycle energy with the Six Healing Sounds 
  • to enjoy and relax

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This intensive 4-6 Day Retreat gives you the possibility to learn the YinTao in a very relaxed and nourishing way.
This group is always residential and has a "vacation" character but comes with a full schedule. 

The day starts with Morning QiGong and ends with Healing Sounds in the evenings. In between there is lot's of time to learn all the different aspects of the YinTAO practices, relax, enjoy, communicate, be silent or simply be, yourself...

Surrounded by nature and other women, who are on their way, to find what you need to be happy and healthy!


YinTAO-Advanced Level

Inner Alchemy for women

in this workshop we will deepen the basic practices and refine our QiGong exercises. 
Once the Basic technic are integrated
 and starting to florish, we can continue the process of transformation started with the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds by moving the practice into our core and womb.

There we will be establishing what we call our "cauldron" the center of transformation in the lower abdomen.

Using the PAKUA and the sequence of Harmonizing the 5 Elements, we will work on transforming negative emotions and then growing virtues and positive emotions to open our heart full of self-love, acceptance, forgivness and compassion.

This practice will initiate a big step on our way and toward true self-love, when we are able to allow ourself to feel all emotions and establishing the true connection between heart and sexual center.

Being reunited with our source, the place where all energy and creativity is coming from will built more self esteem. Guiding this energy through the meridian system will further our health and wellbeing. This is a process and not just a technique. To make this work one has to stay on the path! Sometimes you move in circles, sometimes you may even take some U-turns but remember that every step you take will bring you closer toward your true radiant and wonderful being.

We will also celebrate a deep Healing Ritual with the Energy Egg and explore our Yoni and pelvic floor even more... 

I am honored and grateful to be able to walk a part of this way with you....
Renu Li