Universal Healing TAO Teacher Training

TAO Yoga & QiGong

authorized by Master Mantak Chia

When you teach you will learn more

The step into training as a QiGong teacher not only serves others but also helps you. In this way, you experience the exercises and meditations more intensively and from a different perspective.

When the Tao enriches our lives and improves our health, there comes the point where our knowledge and experiences should be shared with others. This step not only serves others but intensifies one's own practice and brings new experiences.

However, training as a Tao teacher should not only be chosen to earn a livelihood, but should be accompanied by a genuine desire to serve others and benefit as many as possible. With this attitude, the energy can flow freely and then comes back to the teacher.

There are various training paths that are flexible and can be combined.

For people, e.g. who do not speak English, or for any other reason can not go to Thailand, to visit the official Universal Healing TAO training center or only wants to take a first step to teach the Tao Yoga exercises, there is the step to become a

Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor

As a UHT Associate Instructor you will be given the authority to teach the TAO Yoga basic techniques,
these include:

  • The Inner Smile
  • 6 Healing Sounds
  • The Microcosmic and
  • simple QiGong with warm-up exercices, including the Iron Shirt QiGong positions: Embracing the tree, the turtle and the Water buffalo.
    mit Aufwärm- und Dehnungsübungen, sowie den Positionen Baum umarmen, Schildkröte und Wasserbüffel.

YinTAO for women

In this education designed by Renu Li the first step calls for becoming a UHT Associate Instructor and then allows women to focus more intensly on the specific Taoist practices for women as well.

In the following workshops these exercises are learned in order to convey them further:

  • Breastmassage in Kombination with the Inner Smile
  • develope Pelvic floor exercies 
  • Ovarian- and Uterus breathing
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • simple QiGong + breathing exercises
  • Working with the Energy Egg

In addition to the requirements of the UHT Associate Instructor, this training includes the participation in at least 2 YinTAO women's weekends, the attendance of at least two YinTAO women's retreats and further assistance with these courses. Then there are the mixed TAO yoga classes (Basis, Healing Love and Inner Alchemy).

Universal Healing TAO Certified Instructor

This training is offered by Master Mantak Chia every year in Thailand and sporadically also in other countrys.

For those who are particularly interested in teaching the healing exercises and the Taoist abdominal and self-massage, should attend the training for the

Universal Healing TAO Chi Nei Tsang Practioner  

Each educational step leads to the further development of the own practices and to deepen the understanding.