Chi Nei Tsang Session

chi nei tsang einzelsitzungThe QiGong exercises and Meditation practices of the Universal Healing Tao System generally support health and wellbeing. Movement and deep breathing are crucial to maintain our health.

The Taoist belly massage Chi Nei Tsang will teach you to breath deeply. It is about learing to open blockages in in the abdominal cavity to enable again a healthy energy flow through the whole system.

During a Chi Nei Tsang session the CNT-practioner will guide you to discover those body parts with you breath and awareness that have been neglected from the flow of life force and will reactivate the inherent powers of the body to heal itself.

Chi Nei Tsang differs from a "normal Massage" because the work includes the client and teaches active participation. The client becomes a student. The session becomes a learing experience how to heal yourself.

The main approach in Chi Nei Tsang is prevention. Regular health maintanence will avoid serious disease. 

Individual Session with Renu Li
60 - 90 min. 

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