Logo UHT redIntroduction into the Universal Healing Tao System

Transform Stress into Vitality - Regenerate your lifeforce 

The Universal Healing TAO founded by Taoist Master Mantak Chia, is known under the name TAO Yoga + QiGong in German speaking countrys. It is a complete system to develop greater Vitality, Creativity, Self-Healing and Inner Peace.

The UHT-System presents the basic practices of the ancient Taoist system designed to start developing the self-healing potential of every individual. It offers simple techniques to transform stress into vitality, expand awareness and set in motion the powerful energies of self-healing and health maintenance. 

During this workshop we will dive deep into the energies that make us whole and healthy 

The Inner Smile


The first practice we will learn is the simple and powerful Inner Smile; a way of directing the refreshing energies of a smile to each of our vital organs, glands, bones and muscles. The Inner Smile opens the inner universe of feeling our own body from within. By learning to speak to our organs with a language that is understood we plant the seeds of inner communication. The Inner Smile is one of the most direct ways of entering into deep states of relaxation with a minimum of effort.

The Six Healing Sounds

Heilende Laute

All of the emotional states that we experience, from the lowest to the most sublime take as point of departure the way the life force is flowing through our bodies. The ancient Taoists discovered that our emotions, both negative and positive arise within our vital organs depending on how relaxed or contracted they are. The Six Healing Sounds takes us back to the sound frequencies that belong to each organ when they are flowing in a harmonious state. By doing simple gestures in coordination with the sounds we are able to tune each organ back to a state of harmony and better flow.

The Microcosmic Orbit

Our health and wellbeing depends on the way the river of the life force is flowing through our body. If the flow is effortless we enjoy good health and positive states of mind. If the flow is restricted we feel tired and unable to breakthrough negative situations and states of mind.

The Microcosmic Orbit is the name given to a simple exercise for opening the energy flow and maintaining the energy pathways free of congestion. The Orbit moves up the spine, in the back, and down the front of the chest. Nothing could be simpler, yet the ancient Taoists discovered that daily circulation of this circuit is essential for healing and preventing illness from disrupting our daily lives. Each time we complete a circuit of the Orbit our vitality increases by setting in motion a process of energy absorption from the Universe and by making more efficient all of the body processes.