K'an & Li

Higher Alchemie of Water and Fire

The alchemy of fire and water is at the core of all Taoist internal practices. In K'an & Li the fire is the fire of supreme love from the heart and the water is the water of refined creative sexual energy from the kidneys and genitals.

These two primordial energies are carefully brought together in the cauldron in order to generate the energies of harmony as a subtle vapor. This simple process is what the ancient alchemists represented as the inner marriage of soul and spirit or the union of Heaven and Earth.

The high frequency energies generated through the union of subtle fire and water deepen the healing process already taking place through the basic Taoist practices.

Kan & Li practice has a profound effect on the gland system regulating energy flow from the subtle to the physical plane. This takes place through the direct work on the central channel at the cauldron. The meridian system is like a tree with numerous branches connected to a central trunk.

Web Fusion 2aThe trunk of the meridian system is the central channel. The celestial yang energies and the earthly yin all come together at the central channel in order to generate the original energy of harmony.

The Kan & Li practices open the infinite potential of creativity, health and wellbeing available to all living beings when they further the evolution of the central channel.

Most retreats will take place during the ascending energy phase of the moon, which is the right timing for energy practices where polarities are brought together. These dates fall within the energy phases of the I Ching hexagrams 5 and 9. Hexagram 5 shows the union of fire and water for the first time in the sequence of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Hexagram 9 shows the practitioner how to work with the emerging powers of creativity and play. The advice from both hexagrams will be utilized in carrying out the retreat. 

Prerequisite: Fusion I & II