Advanced Level Chi Nei Tsang with Gilles Marin

Addressing Manifested Symptoms

The goal of this class is to train you to work with your clients who have manifested symptoms on all levels. Addressing the inner meanings of such symptoms in all their aspects simultaneously, whether at the structural, visceral or emotional level, allows a complete healing process to take place.

The Global Body Attitude Level is itself composed of two Levels. In Global Body Attitude Level One, we will explore the following:

  1. Philosophical concepts

    What is a true holistic approach?
    The 3 approaches to health and healing
    Cancer and other systemic diseases
    The external structure is dependent of the internal structure of the viscera and metabolism
    The internal structure of the viscera is dependent of the breath
    Breath as the bridge of communication between physical structure, metabolism and emotions
    The Winds concept Approaching traumas and sexual abuse victims

  2. QiGong and Functional Meditations

    Meridians Meditation
    6 Healing Sounds and Healing Lights with meridian system
    Sunning the meridian system
    Space & Boundaries QiGong
    Sexual energy management
    Heaven & Earth QiGong 
    Perineal work and the thrusting channels.

  3. Hands-on techniques

    Advanced work on the navel and fasciae
    Looking for patterns, from function to meaning
    The pattern of anxiety and hiatal hernia
    The breath pattern that gives hammer toes
    The pattern that gives gallstones
    The Three Burners
    Prolapsed bladder and uterus
    Advanced CNT on the back Psoas and iliacus release
    Endometriosis and fibroids
    Menstrual cramps and pelvic pains.

  4. Chasing the Winds

    Central Wind Winds that give heart attacks
    Winds that give strokes
    Liver Winds

Pre-requesite: Fusion of the Five Elements, Somato Emotional Release