YinTAO Retreat

retreat mittel YT

This intensive 4-6 Day retreat gives you the possibility to learn YinTAO in a very relaxed and nourishing way. This group is always residential and has a "vacation" character but comes with a full yet easy schedule. 

The day starts with Morning QiGong and ends with Healing Sounds in the evenings. In between there is lot's of time to learn all the different aspects of the YinTAO practices, relax, enjoy, communicate, be silent or simply be, yourself and yin...

In this retreat sourounded by nature and other women, on their way, you can learn

  • to feel yourself
  • discover what you truely need
  • relax deeply, love yourself
  • nourish your whole being
  • energize your system, heal and let go what is not serving you

Warm up exercises with the Bamboo Beater to

  • activate your metabolism
  • open the energy centers
  • activate the meridian flow
  • strenthening your bones together with bone breathing 

QiGong practices

  • Learn to breathe naturally and move your Qi gracefully
  • connecting deeply with the earth and with your body using Earth Relationship QiGong
  • activate the inner fire, strengthen your center, kidneys and sexual energy
  • establish a good structure that defines clear bounderies and
  • develope inner strength with space and boundary QiGong

Establishing Self Love and Communication

  • with the Inner Smile and Breast Massage 

Balance your Hormones

  • activating your sexual energy as a source of healing
  • harmonize your endocrine system with Ovarian & Womb breathing

Vitalizing your Body and Energy System

  •  by moving your life force through the small heavenly cycle (water and fire way)

 A sensual introduction into the energy egg practice

  • with a ritual enhancing Self Love 
  • with a ritual to let go and give birth to something new

In this precious time together you can also deepen your understanding of the TAO practices you may have allready learned or when assisting this workshop learning the skills to teach the YinTAO practices to other women as part of the YinTAO-Teacher Training.

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