Renu Li

is a Senior Instructor in The Universal Healing Tao system and teaches mainly in Europe.

Renu has a training as a physical therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage and differnt types of body work, like Shiatzu, PI and Polarity. Today Chi Nei Tsang has become her main modality in body work.  For more then 30 years she has been involved with holistic approaches healing body, mind and spirit.

After spending almost 20 years in the United States and 4 years in Spain, she now lives again in her native Germany. 

She works full time presenting the Taoist teachings and trains new teachers in Germany and other parts of Europe.

One of her greatest passions in life is sharing her experiences in energy work with women of all ages. She feels that one of the greatest challenges in contemporary Taoist practices is addressing the particular needs of women.

Her joy in sharing the old Taoist teachings with women has grown in almost 3 decades into a very unique presentation, incorporating her personal experience as well as the experience and feed back of hundreds of her students.

This line of work she calls: YinTao - for women on the way it also includes the creation of the Door into life, a multi-media presentation that wants to promote a new and positive view of the female sexual organ - the vulva. ("have show - will travel...")

Renu has been involved with the Universal Healing Tao since 1985 and worked for many years translating and assisting Mantak Chia's workshops in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

She also has to her credit the translation of the German language edition of the following books:
'Chi Nei Tsang': Internal Organ Chi Massage and
'Bone Marrow Nei Kung': Taoist Ways to Improve Your health by Rejuvenating Your Bone Marrow and Blood.

For each of her classes Renu created detailied hand outs and CDs with the meditations (mostly in German).

She directs the Tao Yoga & QiGong Center near Bonn, where she also offers ongoing classes. 

She lives the Tao and also travels to teach and still finds time to chanel her creativity into art, photography and other projects.

Renu Li
Vivatsgasse 26
D-53913 Swisttal