Juan Li

Juan Li began his studies of self-development practices in 1970, upon graduation from Brooklyn College, in New York. He received a degree in Ancient Chinese History, specializing on the influence of the I Ching on Chinese culture.

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Renu Li

is a Senior Instructor in The Universal Healing Tao system and teaches mainly in Europe.

Renu has a training as a physical therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage and differnt types of body work, like Shiatzu, PI and Polarity. Today Chi Nei Tsang has become her main modality in body work.  For more then 30 years she has been involved with holistic approaches healing body, mind and spirit.

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Felix Senn

learned different martial art styles like Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing-Tsun Kung Fu.

Since 1982 he traveled and lived in Asia for more than twenty years. He studied Yoga and Meditation in the Buddhist tradition, in the forest monastery of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in southern Thailand.

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