Biology of Conciousness

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The Biology of Consciousness developed and created by Gilles Marin

class uses the perennial philosophical concepts of classical Taoism at the origin of traditional Chinese medicine to help clearly differentiate the whole mind into its five different major mental states extending from our biological make up. During this class you will learn to delineate your very specific mental zones. 

The net results will be

  • To clearly differentiate the 5 major components of your mind and their specific intelligences&nbsp
  • To provide yourself with more mental space and mental quietness&nbsp
  • To free yourself from mental conflicts
  • To be able to alternatively exercise and rest each mental state independently
  • To create a complete mental, emotional and spiritual healing process in relation to your physical body and genetic background
  • To develop a solid sense of self-worth
  • To acquire mental clarity, emotional robustness, and to enhance your appreciation, enjoyment and guidance in life

Biology of Consciousness is the missing link that connects to all Asian philosophies, meditations, and traditional Asian, African and every other aboriginal medical approaches. It is so fundamental that teachers of such traditional disciplines, throughout the whole history of communication with our civilization, would not believe that, in the so technologically evolved and strong-minded Western culture, we are so lacking in terms of emotional maturity and ignorant about our different states of cognition.

When everywhere else in the world people have a reasonably solid belief system regarding consciousness and the meaning of life, even though these beliefs can be quite varied, and even rationally questionable, we, in the industrialized West, are quite confused when we come to a true science of consciousness. No amount of psychology or medical science has ever been able to give us satisfying answers about our different states of cognition. Our entire educational system is based on developing our short term memory and our rational thinking only. While this is very important indeed, it is not able to come to terms with anything beyond rationality, including emotional states and spiritual life. 

Biology of Consciousness will greatly benefit both beginners as well as those familiar with Asian healing arts and/or meditations.

1. Using the  Six Healing Sounds  To clearly define the biology of the Five Elemental Forces To trace the meridian system To differentiate the Five Intelligences

2. Using the Microcosmic Orbit To differentiate the seven levels of individuation and enhancing our human potential 3. Eight directions Misogi, energy cleansing of the healing space using Pa-Kua principles 4. Aikido exercises for Peace On Earth Chi-Kung.

Hands-On part

  • Redirecting breath exercises for Asthma
  • chronic anxiety,
  • need to hurry
  • reverting pressure out of the heart
  • Dream Touch to trigger serotonin, melatonin, dopamine and endorphines production out of the intestines and the enteric nervous system.

Pre-requesite: Basic Chi Nei Tsang Class