Online Seminar: How to heal

"How to heal" Program

Online Seminar with Juan Li

This workshop consists of a sequence of essential factors to take into account in designing any healing strategy.

One often encounters with experienced practitioners that have been working with energy practices for many years, the inability to structure a sequence for healing despite having everything needed. To apply what one has learned is a totally different stage from simply sitting down to do one’s practices.

The "How to Heal Program" is being presented to provide a clear sequence of the essential factors needed to heal the causes, not just the symptoms of illness.

A recurring problem is the belief that every illness has a different cause and a different remedy. A cancer is viewed as being different from problems with the bones or having a harmonious relations with one’s parents. In this era where the majority of human beings are operating from the mind of separation of the first cauldron, everything is experienced as being separate from everything else.

Fragmented thinking, the real cause of illness, and the decisions being made with it, is used attempting to bring the integrity essential for healing. In this first cauldron era, healing illness is viewed as disconnected from the way one lives and relates to oneself and others. Getting rid of the symptom is desperately sought to continue doing exactly the same things which brought about the illness.

In this class we learn

  • The sequence of factors needed to structure the healing of the causes of illness
  • Practices for connecting with the ultimate source of absolute health which is our Original Mind
  • Mantras for transforming pain
  • Generating the conditions for assisting others to heal the causes of illness not just the symptoms