Practices with Creative Vibration and the Seed Sounds of the Creation

I Ching DAO Retreat 2014 - Part III: June 6th. - June 9th.

In all of the accounts of the Creation from the great traditions of the ancient world, the process of manifestation begins through sound or a word. This is the manner in which the ancestors of the practices have communicated the importance of sound-vibration in energy work.

The practice with sound-vibration takes place through ‘seed sounds’ associated with specific processes.

For example the ‘seed sound’ GAN! is the vibration for removing blockages and obstacles in energy flow.

The sound ‘RR’ is the sound of the fire element while ‘MMM’ is that of water. The practice with sounds-vibration takes place through what is called Mantras or numerical combinations of ‘seed sounds’ with the power to bring about rapid changes in the energy body of the practitioner. The word ‘Mantra’ means ‘Instrument of the Mind’, indicating the role that sound plays in reducing the chaotic stream of ordinary thoughts to just one sound and ultimately to silence.

Mantra is the instrument, which brings the mind to the high frequencies of Supreme Silence. The ancient teachers looking into the future indicated that in our present age of discord and mental restlessness the practice of Mantra is the most appropriate vehicle of transformation because it can be practiced anywhere regardless of our mental or emotional state.

In this class we will learn

  • the ‘seed sounds’ for attracting, dissolving, removing obstacles,
  • generating harmony in the subtle layers of the energy body,
  • harmonizing the breath and the hemispheres of the brain, as well as those for
  • opening the earth flow, the heart of compassion and the transcendent mideyebrow centers.

Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit