I Ching & Meditation

The I Ching as a Guide to the Daoist Spiritual Practices
with Juan Li

Every great spiritual system developed in antiquity works with a sacred book in which the complete sequence for unfolding the full human potential is outlined. In the Daoist system the I Ching is the classic explaining the path of initiation from beginning to the point of transcendence.

Every sacred text of the esoteric traditions of the world have two aspects: one is what is called the ‘Open Book’ consisting of the general teachings available to everyone with an ordinary level of consciousness. The second aspect is the ‘Closed Book’ presenting the inner teachings available to initiates dedicated to raising the level of consciousness to its highest degree.

The ‘Open Book’ of the I Ching deals with the practice of divination and learning about the energy patterns of the moment and where they lead in time. For most people that is all there is to the I Ching.

In this class we will concentrate our efforts in the teachings of the ‘Closed Book’ of the I Ching. The ‘Closed Book’ presents in a most concentrated and powerful way the seven stages for unfolding our spiritual potential from raw beginners to mastery of our own destiny.

The seven stages present one by one the essential practices of the Daoist system and what is specifically needed to develop in each one. The ‘Closed Book’ also teaches the operating principles of the life force and how to integrate them in our lives.

When we do energy practices without knowing the basic principles of how energy behaves we end up guessing and improvising. One of the most repeated warnings in the Daoist classics is about avoiding guessing and improvising in spiritual work.

The I Ching takes the initiate through sixty four situations in which gradually our spirit is alchemically refined through the fires of perseverance and clarity of purpose.

In this class we will cover each of the 64 situations individually together with a sampling of some of the energy practices suggested in them.

This pilgrimage of the spirit will take us four days to accomplish. By the end we will have a clear idea of what is needed to follow in the footsteps of Mother Nature and what is essential to live a fulfilling life and nourish the hidden seed of greatness within the heart of every human being.

No previous knowledge of the I Ching is needed but is recommended to have at least a practicing knowledge of the basic level of the Daoist practices such as a the Inner Smile and the Microcosmic Orbit.

Please bring a copy of the Richard Wilhelm translation of the I Ging.