Dream Incubation for Healing

In this retreat we will explore the dream incubation tradition based on the Hermetic principles developed in ancient Egypt, assimilated into the Greek mystery schools and seeded into the pre-Christian European spiritual practices.

dreamerThe ancient protocols of the Egyptian and Greek dream incubation practices will be explored along with the techniques of the Daoist, Hindu and Tibetan tradition of dream incubation. Historically, people have incubated dreams for healing; obtaining answers to difficult problems; contacting the departed; receiving initiations and developing familiarity with a particular dimension of transcendence.

Dreams are traditionally incubated in a sacred spot such as a temple, shrine, cave or powerful tomb. At present, it is extremely difficult to sleep within a temple, church or sacred spot, as all these places do not allow overnight stays and dream incubation is best done at night. So in this class we are going to learn to transform our sleeping place into a sacred spot where dream incubation can be done at any time.

Dream incubation is done within a ritual context, so we are going to develop the basic steps to activate the magical aspect of the mind capable of generating magical results.

One important aspect is the dream incubation dress, so for this workshop participants are required to bring white sleeping clothes for doing the practice during the afternoon and at night.

The ultimate purpose of dream incubation is developing a creative relationship with the superconscious aspect of the mind. This class is designed to open such communication through the magical and ritual aspect of dreaming.

Numerous aspects of dream incubation will be explored in this four days class in addition to the basic elements of dream practice.

This class is a foundation for developing the Yogas of Transcendence, Death and Reincarnation.

Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit and Six Healing Sounds.

to bring
A pillow, blanket and something to lay down to take a power nap as well as comfortable and warm clothing for the QiGong practices outside. White sleeping clothes. For people traveling long distance we will supply pillow, blanket and a flor mat.

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