Energetic Boundaries and Psychic integrity


The surface of our physical body serves as shield to protect us from harmful biological influences. But many of us are unaware that we also possess an energetic field of protection that is essential to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Most of us attempt to set physical, emotional and mental boundaries from influences that we consider undesirable or harmful to our health. However, we are not always successful in our attempts. Sometimes we feel unable to shield ourselves from toxic relations or negative situations that keep repeating over and over again.

Some people are so vulnerable to negative influences that they are easily "possessed" by disrupting entities. Sometimes negative psychic influence is so strong that the person feels that it lacks control over its own mental and emotional structure. As the process of change accelerates and more people live under relentless high stress, problems with entity possession and energy integrity are on the increase.

In this important workshop we learn:

  • How to generate energetic and psychic integrity by strengthening the subtle structure of our energy and mental layers.
  • How to remain grounded in our interactions with difficult or manipulating people.
  • How to guide disrupting entities to the upper astral dimension
  • How dissolve agreements, accords and permissions that are making our energy structure vulnerable
  • How to clear physical spaces from disruptive energy patterns

The skills learned in this workshop offer energetic and psychic integrity for healers, therapists, very sensitive people, or anyone who needs to establish strong boundaries. Creating boundaries is not a process of becoming inaccessible, rather it is about learning to maintain our energy and psychic integrity no matter the situations we encounter in life. It is about learning how to interact with the world in an appropriate way without feeling vulnerable or at the mercy of strong, dominant, manipulating personalities.

Pre-requisite: Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit