Taoist Dream Yoga

The main goal of Taoist dream practice is learning to utilize the will and the intention in connection with the subtle energy bodies.

Each night as we fall asleep the focus of our consciousness gradually shifts from the dense frequencies of the physical dimension towards the high frequencies of the subtle bodies. This process we all experience on a daily basis is a vast open gate toward infinite possibilities.

The ancient Taoists learned to utilize dream state as a training ground for learning to focus the will and the intention. The practices introduced in this class go beyond dream interpretation or lucid dreaming, aiming at enhancing self-awareness and clarity within the unconscious state in which we spend at least a third of our lives.

A practice program is introduced consisting of meditations and dream exercises enabling the practitioner to begin developing greater fluency in the intermediate state which arises as we shift consciousness from the physical to the subtle bodies.

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so in sixty years of existence we sleep through twenty of them. When we sleep there is a shift of consciousness from the physical body toward the subtle energy body. In order to develop the physical body we need to be awake and active with some form of exercise. For developing the energy body we need to be in deep states of physical, emotional and mental calmness such as deep meditation or conscious sleep.

The main goal of the Daoist dream practices is the development of the subtle energy body first by bringing more consciousness to the dream state where we usually enter in an unconscious state and second by learning to utilize the will and the intention in connection with the energy body. Our physical body is limited by time and space. It lives for a limited period of time and then it dies.

The energy body is neither limited by time or space. It is beyond the physical dimension so its potential is infinite and timeless. The main purpose of all the yogas is to develop the energy body as an immortal vehicle of transcendence. The two practices for accomplishing such a purpose are the higher meditations when the consciousness is fully merged with the energy body and the dream yogas. Everything that is learned in the dream practices becomes useful at the moment of death.

The dream yogas are the ones that teach us how to go from one dimension to another fully conscious in a state of clarity and emotional balance. The opportunity to train developing this transcendent skill arises each day when we go to sleep. Many people do not have time to do meditation or other energy practices, but everyone finds time to sleep.

In this class we will learn the basic skills for using the intention and the will through the meridian system. Everything that we have accomplished in life and will accomplish in the future will be done through the skillful use of the intention and the powerful projection of the will.

In the dream yogas we learn that the most efficient moment to activate the intention is in the intermediate state when the consciousness is shifting from the physical dimension of limitations into the subtle dimensions beyond time and space. These skills will make us more efficient at whatever we have to do in life.

We will learn simple ways to generate clarity in dream state by eliminating stress dreams within a few months of practice as well as the foundation practices for becoming fully conscious during dreams in the state of lucidity. We will develop the dream yoga techniques together in sitting down meditations during the mornings and in short power naps taken each afternoon.

This course was first taught in 1993 and since then some practitioners have begun experiencing some of the intermediate levels of dream practice.

Prerequisites for this class
Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit and Six Healing Sounds.

Bring a pillow, blanket and something to lay down to take a power nap as well as loose comfortable clothing.

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