Bone Breathing: Regeneration of the Bone Marrow and healing the Family


Our skeleton is the most solid part of our physical body. Like all solids, our bones have a crystalline structure that absorbs and transmits energy from heaven and earth. In its functioning, the bones are equivalent to the central channel of the individual consciousness; as such they are an indispensable element for developing our highest potential.

The bone marrow, as a solid, is part of the earth energy. Our conscious decision to be here on the dimension of change, is essential for the health of the bones. Any rejection to being here on earth which has taken place, even for an instant, affects the heath of the bones and our level of vitality. In this workshop we propose to investigate in depth the root causes which deteriorate the bones and the family history which is linked with those causes. The loss of bone mass is not an isolated cause, but a symptom of decisions which have taken place all along the family history. Each individual born within a family structure, has the power to heal the root causes affecting the health of the whole family.

In this workshop we focus a great part of our effort, on healing the family at the same time that we develop the techniques for revitalizing the bone marrow. Our level of vitality and spark of life depends in a great measure upon the health of our bone marrow and the manner in which we relate with the energy of the earth and the family.

The main goal of this workshop is helping us regenerate the bone marrow, develop a superior level of vitality and a more healthy relationship with our families. We can say that without this step, it is more difficult to achieve our goals, because of lack of focus in our actions or the necessary vitality to overcome life’s inevitable challenges.

In this workshop we learn:

  • To clear traumatic factors causing bone deterioration.
  • Balancing the solar and lunar meridians of consciousness directly related with the harmonious relation with heaven and earth.
  • The mantra vibration of the healthy bone marrow.
  • Healing the family relation with the earth.
  • Proven techniques of bone marrow regeneration which have saved the lives of numerous modern practitioners in different parts of the world

Pre-requisite: Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit